Possible Engine/trans Swap Ideas For 1989 5.0 Convertible


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Jun 4, 2012
Baldwin, Nassau County, New York
Been looking around for options in order to get my old stang running again, and the goals include a replacement engine and an AOD to 5 spd swap.
on a whim I searched 351w on craigslist. Would it be possible to get a 351w and the zf 5spd to work in my car? I understand I"m going to need to the clutch and a bunch of other parts, I'd just like to know if this would be a worthwhile swap to undertake?
The listing:


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May 21, 2005
Tuscola, tx
Can't say that I've ever seen the ZF tranny installed in a Fox, but the 351 would be a good swap...just run a search and you'll find scads of articles...


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Apr 21, 2002
Pensacola FL
That tranny is short, stubby, and yet bulking in a 'fat' kind of way.
I don't see it fitting.
Picture the T5 as a tall lady with long legs... Maybe Nicole Kidman.
The truck 5 speed is short and fat... Maybe Kathy Bates.
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