Engine 1989 GT Engine rebuild advice needed


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Nov 29, 1999
Mild streeter just to cruise ?

Tfs170 twisted wedge or afr165

I’d skip the e cam . Go with an Anderson grind or even a Tfs stage 1 . Depending on your budget having someone do a custom grind like Freezy isn’t much more money esp for a cast core cam .

Converter is really going to depend on the cam. You want it streetable but to be peppy and compliment your upgrades .

I’d throw gears in it too . 3:73 I think would be perfect honestly .

Sub frames , alum drive shaft and you’d have a fun car to run around in .

As far as fuel . A 190lph pump or if you wanted to over kill a 255 would work . For that power 19lb injectors would cut it I’d just do the sn95 MAF Upgrade or I am a big fan of the pro m stuff.
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May 23, 2018
Thank you @Noobz347 for the awesome post. I wasn't ignoring ya... We were fighting a junkyard beast most of the weekend. :p Got the entire top end out of a 98 explorer for $92 Thank you for pulling in more knowledgeable opinions!!

@TOOLOW91 Thank you for your insight! Now I'm second guessing the E303 and probably going with the TFS stage 1 instead. Also, the fuel pump weakness is something new to me (still trying to find all the nooks and crannies about these cars) that I hadn't even considered previously.
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