Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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Well for the first time at least one tiny part of my car is kind of on par with yours lolololol!
I’ve got JL subs and components, and my crossover is another little old school audio jewel, an Orion CRX300. I’ve got a CRX200 tucked away too, just in case.
When I tracked down the issues I was having, I built a false floor to replace my aged factory spare cover and added truck jute from Rockauto.
I felt pretty good about where my trunk was at until I recently saw this trunk kit:

Badass dude
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We need to find some rich bastard to put together The Stangnet Museum. I'd donate mine in my will.

I envision and indoor arena decked out like car show and swap meet.

A Video Window Wall or real window looking out onto a 1/4 mile race track. Yeah, the museum should be built at a track. :chin
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Pic is nothing new, but got it out for a ride today. Feb 7 on Long Island…… played 18 holes of golf this morning, and got the Mustang out for a ride when I got home. I am not going to complain!! I like these no snow winters we’re having, that’s for sure!
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