Power Loss Question?

Whats up everyone? Just wonering if anyone has had this problem, its kind of weird one and i am not sure where to start. This happens in any gear but around the same RPM, if i am hard on the gas, more than half way down on the throttle accelerating, my car chokes out at about 3k RPM. It pulls fine until you hit about that RPM and then it starts gasping for something, maybe more air more fuel? I did a fuel pressure test and it turned out fine. I put a new fuel filter in it and its still the same. When it chokes out i can let off the gas to about a 1/4 throttle and its fine. Any thoughts or suggestion would be great, thanks again.

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I guess not many people have had this problem, but yesterday i changed my fuel filter again and i also check the MAF for anything that might have gotten in there. The fuel filter seemed a little restriced but not to bad, the MAF didnt seem to have anything on it either. I ran it around the block and it ran great, then i drove it for about 10 miles or so and it started the same thing again. So i think i will start with the MAF and then a fuel pump just in case, they usaully just stop working but if the MAF doesnt work i will try that anyway. MY questions is what MAF would you guys get? I plan on doing some other upgrades in the future, probably upper, lower, intake, cam. I saw this one on ebay, it doesnt seem to expensive, let me know what you guys think. Also what fuel pump should i get? Any imput would be great, thank you :D

Pull the codes first. That will point you in a better direction that just buying stuff or speculating what can be the problem. Walbro pumps are the best way to go... BBK and holley just repackage walbro pumps. You will probably want at least a 190 lph pump. You can go 255 but won't take advantage of it untill you get forced induction. As for MAF Pro-M is probably was the best... I am not up to date with their company status because they were just bought out or something but that would be the one to wait for if they keep with the same product. The stock 19 lbs injectors will be just fine with your future upgrades so get a MAF calibrated for them.
Well after, replacing the MAF sensor, cap, rotor, distributor, plugs, wires still nothing had the same problem. I ended up borrowing a MAP sensor from a friend and it cured my problem :nice: . Thought i would let all you guys know just in case you run into this problem, it would be a good place to start. Now that its running good i ordered some Koni adjustables for the weekend :)