Powerdyne supercharger news !!! 01-02GT kit


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Dec 18, 2003
Bedford VA
Summit shows to have the new powerdyne 8 psi for the 01-02 GTs for $3358 available July 12th . Part number is K10196-101 satin finish , just thought I would post this find incase someones been waiting for this kit to come out .
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if you go to powerdynes website , www.powerdyne.com , it says new kits are coming soon , I saw an article 6 months ago on proficientperformance.com website they had made the kit and were doing testing on it , said it would be out in late may , i guess they are still behind but on the way finally , only info I have says its for 01-02 GTs but im sure it will work on the 99-00 and 03-04s too shouldnt be much difference .
actually mounts like the powerdyne kits do for the 96-98 GTs , over the the far far passenger side , not a reverse rotation like the vortech , procharger and paxtons are ... unless they have changed the design since I read the article a while back . They have a kit out for the 01 cobras that is a gear driven and is reverse rotation , so they might have went that route with the design but the kit I saw before was just like the 96-98 kits .
Screwed2V said:
It's a centrifugal and if the past is any indication at all that blower will be slaughtered by the current offerings by Vortech, Paxton, and Procharger.

probably right on the output side of it , but alot of people still like the idea of the belt drive , no oil lines , no taking off the unit to change the oil in it , their kit lets you take off the belt to change it without removing the unit or bracket , rebuilding the powerdyne is easy too , only need bearings seals , drive belt and hand tools to rebuild the unit down the road rather than sending it off for a rebuild when the time comes . They do have some advantages I guess if you are looking for a mild blower with a decent step up ratio (not quite as good as the prochargers) , this might be for you , although from what I saw of testing the numbers out of this kit might be closer if not more than the novi 1000 kits .