Powermaster 140 install-PLEASE HELP ME :(


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Mar 11, 2004
Orlando Fl.
Ok, so yeah i went to install the dang thing, thinnking that it would be easy. well i am struggling like heck, i dont really like electrics to begin with. i have a 66' 3 wire hook up with the stock amp guage and no indicator light. i got the old alternator out. but all this stuff about splicing wires and using some diode from radio shack is not making any sense to me. I thought that there were going to be the same hook ups and it would go in easy, im so confused and now the car is just going to have to sit there, and i am going to have to find rides places, this is all just turing into a big mess :( please help me.......................if you guys can walk me through this it would be the greatest help ever, the dang directions that it comes with are confusing me.......

Matt :bang:
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well there is a problem there, i dont have a scanner. I went online to try and find them, but i couldnt. ughhhh this sucks..........i know that P51GT did the install of the same alterantor on the same year car yesterday.. i ahve been trying to get in contact with him.
well mine says its a one wire alternator too, but it has a section where you can put it as a 3 wire hook up like the original one
i mean, i guess i can hook it to the battery plus, but then there are just a bunch of extra wires and stuff, and i dont think the one wire hook up is meant for the classic stangs, i think it is ment for the 5.0 guys...i dont know....
if it is designed to work with one wire, that is all you need. Just cap the unused wires, they may be for the idiot light but not neccessary for charging. If you can get the instructions scanned, or you can point me to a place on the net that has them I will tell you how to hook up the rest, but for now just use the one, that will get you on the road.
he may need the big yellow ammeter wire re-patched if he wants his amp meter to work again. The diode they have as an option is so the alt. goes to hih output mode as soon as the engine starts. Without the diode, rev it up to get it to the H.O. mode.
I added the diode, because it was easy to do, and it didn't add much to the appearance of having alot of wires.
In the process, I ditched the PO's old alarm system remnants and the external regulator.