price it out


Mustang Master
Oct 23, 2006
hey everyone, I'm in a bit of a squeeze here.

I'm broke (who isn't lol) but I've got a chance at buying a 351C cheap because the owner wants to get rid of it.

351C block, bored
stock crank, turned
stock rods
4V heads that have been re-worked and are still in the wrap
stainless valves

and the whole rotating assy. has been re-worked.

the owner said "make me an offer" famous last words...:shrug:

what you fellas think??
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no pics, but the block is spotless, no cracks, he said it got ultrasound'ed when it was machined and no cracks were found then either. I eyeballed the cylinder walls and it doesn't look like there's any major "coreshift" issues either
can you get block numbers and are they 4v heads 4 sure?(look for the 4 in the corner ..and ck for the oem part # they might be closed champer heads..which is good...i have an 89 coupe and put a 72 351c block and a set of 70 closed chamber heads.. a crower mech cam ...crower h-beam pistons ..crane rockers ..alum int and 830 holley...that motor would run like a bat out of hell..a real cleveland is a smallblock motor that will turn 7000rpm no problem w/ stk crank and rods...but w/the 4 v heads these motors will have to spin to get any real power cause of the massive ports on the intake side,,and if you out headers on it they are not cheap...also the bellhousing pattern is same as a 5.0L...they run a 28oz bal and flywheel..i does fit right in the k-member of the 5.0L also..... (89 coupe 351c 6speed richmond (rod) 4.11 gears) 408rwp 411fpt at 7800 rpm 11.02 at 129.3mph....