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Jan 21, 2007
Hey guys.
New owner and new to the forum.

Got my 67 a few days ago with a dead battery. When I got it in my garage, I tried to jump it. It made some noise (a whining) then after a short time it turned over and started no problem. I drove it around the block then let it run abit in the driveway to charge the battery. It seemed to be running really good.

The next day it wouldn't start again. It was making the whining sound like it did the previous day. I jumped it again and let the battery charge a while. When I finally tried to start it, same sound, only this time the battery cable attached to the solenoid (starter relay, whatever you want to call it) started to smoke and melt.

So now I'm thinking that the starter is bad and drawing too much current. I get a new starter, put it in and jump it again. After a short while I try to start it. Same noise. I let the battery charge a bit more then try again. This time it starts to turn over. GREAT! Problem is, even after I release the key, the starter is still running. Even after I remove the key, the starter is still running! I quickly pull the jumper cables and after a second the starter finally stops.

So now what. I suspect the solenoid is now bad. The solenoid looks brand new, possible got damaged that first day. Any advice from the pros on here? Your help is appreciated.

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replace the solenoid. it has gone bad.


You should check your main battery/starter cables too. If they got hot enough to smoke, the copper conductors inside may now have more resistance than they should.

A good way to check is to put a digital volt meter Positive at one end of a cable and Negative at the other end.

If there is more than 1 volt of drop across the cable while cranking, It should be replaced.

A lot more detailed info here: