proform electric fan??


flim hunter
May 1, 2005
i orderded one from summit, it says it flows 2800 cfm at 2200 rpms. i dont know if this is enough. should i just send it back and get a sn-95 one or one from a taurus. i just dont want to spend 120 bucks when i can get one for 50 or so.
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I used to have a Proform Fan on my car. I took it to the a/c shop, and the guy LAUGHED at the fan. They really are way too small. They don't cover enough of the radiator. That's the problem. The CFM in great, but it only covers half the radiator. My car would get up to 230 degrees in traffic here in FL with a Griffen Aluminum rad and 180 degree thermostat. So, I took it off, sold it... and bought a 3.8 taurus fan. On LOW speed, this thing keeps my car right at 180 degrees even with the a/c on full blast and it's 95 degrees out. And it was only 50 buck on Ebay, and some time trimming it and wiring it. Send it back. :nice: