ProForm shiftlight and MSD digital 6 and Tach adapter

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I have a Digital 6 on my carbed 82. I have both the stock dash tach and the standalone Proform shift light connected to the Digital 6 tach output. I connected the Proform wire and the stock tach signal wire in the engine bay, on the drivers side, near where the Duraspark box lives. It's still there, but just riding along.

Worked fine! I acutally bought an MSD tach adapter when I ordered the box, and was happy not to need it.
right now it is attached to the tach output of the ignition box. but no worky.

I had the proform light before...isnt it just three wires...Green (tach input), White (power), and Black (ground)?

I hooked the white to the ignition Switch (when the ignition was in the "run" position) and the black to a good chassis ground. Does the light come on at all when the car is started?
When the car starts the light turns on then off. Come to think of it lately it isn't doing that anymore. When I put the car to bed for the winter it was still doing it. This spring it isn't. At the end of the summer last year however a few times the light came on and stayed on. I was no where near the rpm point that activates the light. I'm going to have to do some more investigating. Make sure power is still being supplied and I guess check the bulb.