Properly aligning head lights and installing turn signals


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Jul 12, 2003
I was recently in an accident and i replaced my headlights and turn signals with ultra clear ones. I never adjusted my original headlights so I'm not sure if they are the same. Any suggestions on what tool to use and how to do it properly? Also my turnsignals did not come with anything to fasten them on the inside of the headlight tray. Because of this they are not mounted correctly. I also can not get the rubber piece that meets with the fender to seal nicely up against the fender. Any suggestions on that?
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the headlights have 3 "prongs" (or whatever you wanna call them) that go into the headlight panel--two on the outside and one on the inside, closest to the center opening. i've found the easiest way to adjust them is w/ a phillips screwdriver on the outside-bottom one--remove the parking lamp to reveal the screw. tightening the screw points them lower, loosening it points them higher.

you can also remove the headlight and turn the black thing that's on the long screw by hand--a lot quicker, hehe.

about the parking lights--there should be one nut/bolt that fastens it to the panel. this article ( ) should help.