Pullies Good or Pullies Bad?

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Oct 10, 2004
La Mirada, CA
I wanna do Underdrive pullies on my car but i keep hearing that they are bad for the motor. Alternator Problems, Car over heating. Are these true? How hard are they install by myself and what do i need to instal them?
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I've had mine on for over a year now with no problems. You will need an air compressor and an impact wrench and also a HARMONIC BALANCER PULLER. You can get one at any parts store for about $15 - $20. It is easy to do and takes 30 min or less. Go with the steeda pulleys. There also is some torque specs when reinstalling the harmonic balancer follow the instructions that come with the pulleys.
TSB 14520
4.6L 4V Pulley Instructions
Some 1996-2001 Mustang owners, for engine performance purposes, are adding a special front drive pulley kit to reduce front accessory drive speeds. When removing and replacing the crank pulley, if the large bolt used to hold the crank pulley undertorqued, the keyway will shear and cause major engine damage. The resulting engine damage is not warrantable. If the crankshaft pulley bolt is removed it should be replaced as it is a torque to yield bolt. The installation of the crankshaft pulley requires that a specific torque operation be adhered to. The crankshaft pulley bolt must be installed using these 4 steps: 1) Torque to 75 lbs/ft 2) Back out one turn 3) torque to 45 lb?ft 4) continue to tighten and additional 90 degrees.
Had Steeda's on my car for over 2 years now...only thing I noticed was a slight dimming of the lights at an intersection or whatever. No problems so far...just don't leave a screwdriver in the engine bay when you start it... :nonono: I did man, got excited, cranked the motor and heard a horrible screech I knew instantly what I had done and was like ****! It got caught directly in the power steering pulley and bent it into a freakin "U" shape...LOL