QA1 K member with stock a arms

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go with coil overs???

what do you mean it wont hold the car up?

i didnt think you could run stock arms and coil springs on a tubular k member

You can use stock a-arms and stock style coil springs with the QA1. If it has spring perches up top then a tub style k member can run them. I think PA racing, QA1, and steeda are the ones that come to mind.

Anyone using a QA1 K member with stock a arms? i am and it wont hold the front end up. any idea how to fix it?

Is the car sitting to low? You do have the springs in the car? I know over on modulardepot automaticweapon ran the QA1 and he had to do some spring swapping to get it right.

Here is a pic of the spring perch up top

Here is a pic of the spring in the a-arm and in the perch.

according to QA1 the proper fix is to run a shorter control arm. They said to install a coil over set up to fix it the way it was meant to be. Then they said if you run a foxbody control arm with a 96-04 ball joint that will work also.