quebec, eastern townships in here please :)

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Esti, char-char! Mon char est plus bonne pace-que ill est noir. tabarnac.

That is my best attempt at French.

Wish I was Francaise so I could join in. :nice:

Nice try dude :)

And no, your car isn't the best 'cause it's black... lol

French Lessons!

-We don't say "est plus bonne" but "est meilleur".
-And "pace-que"= "parce-que".
-And "ill"="il"
-Oh and BTW, remove the "e" at the end of "Francaise", only because, like you know, in french there is "masculin" and "feminin" which mean that you have to add a caracter at the end of the word (like for the plurial in english and french) to define if it's male of female. So given that you are a guy and not a girl, you have to remove the "e".

But dude, I like you because you tried at least!