question about axles, please help!


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Jan 26, 2009
Long Island, N.Y.
I need axles for my 5 lug cobra brake upgrade. They need to be 31 spline auburn specific axles and fox length. I contacted Moser about my needs and they told me they carry 5 lug 31 spline fox axles for an auburn rear but not with the sn-95 flanges. They said they can make them for me for an additional cost. My question is this... do I really need sn-95 flanges on the axles for them to work with the cobra brakes? Or can I just order the axles they have readily available? Not sure if it matters, but I'm using the North Race cars cobra brackets. Thanks.
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I beleive you just need a spacer sold by that slides on the hub of the axle. Then you slide the rotor over it. The hub is a smaller diameter for the drum vs a disk