Question about MY redline, not just a general 289

Whats my redline, peak power rpm, and/or highest point to rev without ruining everyhing?

Factory "C-code" 1967 289 block, rebuilt to stock specifications except for the following:
Comp XE256H Cam, lobe center 110
lift: .477,.484
duration: 256, 268
Stock valves (1.77, 1.45) with springs to match cam.
Proform aluminum roller rockers (1.6:1)
Machine shop polished/ported (but still same size valves)
Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold
Holley 600cfm vacuum secondary carb
Hooker headers with dual exhuast
flex fan, alternator, and A/C on the belt(s).

So, what do you think? Also, how much hp/tq you think i'm putting out?
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There are three potential redlines with your parts: the point at which your cam is maxed out and either stops making power or starts floating the valves, the point at which your whole engine stops making power(different than just the cam), and the redline at which you start breaking parts. With stock rod bolts, I would expect a safe physical redline of around 6500. For power, I would guess it to peak 1000rpm below that. I'm not good at guessing numbers, but I would say ~230rwhp.