Question about putting clear RTV down before paint.


Founding Member
Mar 21, 2001
Boyertown, Pa
I bought and installed a Steeda wing on my Fox body last weekend and all along the hatch it stick up abou an eight of an inch or so from the decklid. Would it be alright to throw some clear RTV down there in this gap so that no water gets down into my hatch, and also so it doesn't rust it out. Will it be safe to paint over the RTV and will it still look good? Hopefully my car will be getting painted in May, and you can't really see the gap there unless you are checking the car out fairly thouroughly, so I am not going to get worked up that it doens't sit flat on the decklid. Also if not RTV is there anything else that I could use that would work better? Thank you for any help.

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