Question About Rocker Arm Install

Hello once again...I have been posting a lot since I just want the car to be up and running correctly. Now my car has stock rocker arms, heads, cam, and lifters.

Do I have to do anything special to put the rocker arms back on or do I just bolt them up and I am good?

I read about zero lash but I just dont know if that pertains to stock rocker arms too.

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In theory, you should be able to just bolt everything together. If it was me, I would check for zero lash as I slowly tightened each rocker down. If you reach zero lash before the bolt is tightened down all the way, you can get shims to make up the difference. But if the pushrod still has play after the rocker is tight, you need to mill down the head a bit to make it fit.
Seriously.... Mill the head down to make the rocker fit...? Although it would theoretically work, since each rocker is independent and could potentially use a different height shim... you would probably be better using a different length pushrod... Besides... why pull the head and go through that hassle if all he wants to do is install his rockers...
Sorry, I meant mill (or file if you prefer) down the spot where the rocker sits. That will lower the rocker arm down a bit. I didn't mean to remove the heads and mill down the head-to-block surface. I thought it but didn't type it right. :nonono:
I dont have roller rockers or any type of aftermarket rocker arms.

I have stock everything. All I did was blow a head gasket and just want to install the stock rockers back on. I dont know if you guys thought I was saying if I was putting on aftermarket rockers or not.

So I should go out and get some shims just in case. Also I am correct in saying that I can install the lower intake and accessories while i wait for the shims to come, right? Because the lower wont get in the way of the valve covers?
Nope, I remember you said you had stock everything. Since you don't seem to need to get this all together in the next day or so, I would buy shims only if you find you need them. You can mark the ones that need shims (if any) with tape or a zip tie or something, then keep installing the rest.

You are right about the lower intake not interfering with the valve covers. The metal heater hose on the passenger side WILL interfere, so I'd leave that unbolted for now.
The lower will not get in the way of finding zero lash or adjusting the rockers. It just makes it just a little bit harder to see where the base circle of the camshaft is.

You tighten the rockers on the base circle of the camshaft (point of no lift), so rotating the engine will need to be done. You torque to spec. I have read anywhere from 16-24 ft. lbs.

Although it pertains to stud-mounted rockers (yours are pedestal), this page may help you:
Ok I started installing the rockers today by setting each piston to TDC and tightening them 23ftlbs. Now when I was setting some of the other ones I was playing around with the already set ones and the pushrod was able to spin. Are these the rockers that I need to put shims on?