Question about t-lok!!!!


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Feb 9, 2002
Miami, FL
I had 4.10s installed in my Bullitt and had the t-lok rebuilt no to log ago. (10k)

(At least bought the rebuilt kit and took it to the mechanic.... can't really know if he installed it..........)

This is my problem!!!

On a straight line my car leaves marks of both wheels.
If I'm making a left turn and step on the gas the car will go sideways


If I'm making a right turn, say at a red light, and step on the gas the my
right backtire spins but the car does not go sideways!(looks like it's not transfering enough power to the left wheel) since the left wheel does not spin.

Is this normal ???? If yes what kind of aftermarket "posi" should I buy to fix this?!?!
Thanks guys!
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Dec 6, 2004

That tire will spin the most naturally anyway. Mine was FRESHLY rebuilt and does the same thing.

It will go sideways, but you have to "help" it out... just leaving from a stop turning right 75% of the time it will just light that tire up untill the car straightens out and gets some weight back over it.