Question on 03 Cobra rim fitting


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Mar 15, 2003
Providence, RI
alright so heres the deal... in the market to grab a v6, just for a daily beater sorta till the engine dies and do a swap... ANYWAYS, 99-01 v6 is in order... my question is, my friends got a set of 03 Cobras, 18x9 in the front 18x10.5 in the back... hes goin for speed so hes not gonna use 18s, me i really dont care, im more for style and a little bit of HP for a v6...

main question, will these fit no problem or will i need a spacer in the rear? he mentioned a spacer, i wasnt too sure but i figured a offset might help.. thanks in advance guys:nice:

glad to be here btw! :D
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