Quick Lighting!


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Mar 2, 2011
South ATL
I need to purchase the new headlights for my 85 Ford Mustang GT. I'm swapping back to four eyed look. I've purchased a 79-82 bumper cover, headlight panel, etc. I need to order the necessary lights asap! My questions are
A.) If I decide to order aftermarket H1/H4, do I still need the headlight retainer kit?
B.) Will the headlight retainer kit still adjust headlights?
C.) Can I just purchase 2 two-prong pigtails and 2 three-prong pigtails from Oreilly's and wire them in?
D.) Does anyone know where I can buy the aftermarket H1/H4 conversion headlights? I don't want Ebay junk. If I have to buy stock lights until I can find the correct aftermarkets I will do so.

Thanks guys. Reason it's urgent is I'm selling my aero stuff this week and I want to buy everything I need before hand. This is my DD.
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