Re- doing interior. Help with seats.


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Dec 8, 2009
Hemet, CA
Ok so basically I'm cleaning up and changing the whole interior of my car. I have a 98 with a gray interior. So far I have the carpet and seats out and only have the drivers seat in. I painted the center console with black paint from Late Model and am going to be painting the lower half of the dash on Tuesday with their lacquer paint. The center console came out excellent. I prepped the crap out of it. De-greased it and scrubbed it 3 times then used about a whole bottle of rubbing alcohol and scrubbed it, then sprayed about 6 lights coats on. Its looks brand new from the factory. I'm going to be getting the Summits brand of dynamat and putting it on the floor boards and in the doors. Anyways I need some advice on what to do about the seats. I took the old gray ones out and now have black velor ones out of a 96 in them. They just are not supportive enough I also have a pair of Corbeau GTS II's in the garage, but don't like them either. They just feel way too small. I thought about cobra seats but they are too expensive. Currently I'm looking at the Procar raves. When I'm all said and done if I buy those seats and the brackets they might costs me as much as the cobras. but I want something with firm high density foam that I know will last me a while. Any thoughts or ideas?
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Mar 22, 2010
Close to Chicago
Check the Classifieds section here. Sometimes people have seats and other interior stuff for sale. You would do good to get a pair of newer seats ('99-'04) because they'll be newer and in better condition. People usually don't ask too much for them, but shipping will cost a lot. If you look around enough, you can find a good deal.