Re : New Ford Mustang Comes Into Focus

If the 2015 Mustang looks exactly like the one imaged in the article* ‘ New Ford Mustang Comes into Focus ‘ by Adam Lynton, it could be the best-looking Mustang ever.

Any car that looks even remotely like an Aston Martin is a good thing .

What Ford should do, is take a 2015 Race Red production version to Maranello and see what the workers in the Ferrari factory think. If the car looks exactly like the one in the CarBuzz article, they will be impressed.

Not to mention that Mustangs start at about a tenth of what Ferraris start at.

* including the full fastback look
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Not this guy..............I hope I like the 2023s....because i wanna get a present for my Army retirement in the form of a 2023 Roush. These pics here are not impressing me too much, although I will admit they are the least barf inducing pics I have seen so far.
Sorry, still not finding this rendering appealing, but like Ross said they are better than the first few. As far as it being a good thing that it looks like a Aston Martin, there is a rich guy here that has his four door Maserati detailed every two weeks, when I first saw it I thought it was a Buick until I got close enough to see the grill. Is that good for the Maserati? No, and to this day I still think the car is ugly. The Mustang should look like a Mustang, not a copy of another high end car.
I like it. It looks like a modern cross breed between the small chassis of the Fox and an S197.

The lighter and more agile it becomes, the bigger the enthusiast crowd is going to get. My only real gripe about the current chassis is how BIG the thing got.