Rear Bumper Question

Evan Strader

Dec 7, 2013
Hey guys just wondering what your opinion is on Duraflex 93 cobra R rear bumper covers? Are they good or are they bad, just wondering. I can get one for about $275 vs. $400 for a cervinis. Also does anyone know what kind of quality differences here will be between the two?
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Here is my take... buy the Cervini's. I have one and am happy with it. Ultimately, you are talking about $125 to make sure that you have a nice looking part that you will see every single day. Most likely, people either bought one or the other, so I doubt you will get many comparisons on quality, but consider that cervini's has a great reputation and customer service and you will see very few bad reviews.

Also, keep an eye out for discounts, they do have them ever so often.
The savings you think you have in buying an inferior quality body part is often not the savings you thought, when you factor in the cost for additional prep and body work to make it fit and paint like a Cervini product. I've used their hoods, bumper covers, and wings on several cars. All fit well with minimal prep and are very good quality.



Now I don't know the quality of this particular vendor, but the reviews I've read on some sites is both good and bad.
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Hey guys i took your word for it and bought a cervinis bumber instead of the duraflex. I found a brand new one on craiglist for $250. I'm pretty sure i got a good deal on it. The quality of the bumper is awsome. I can't wait to get it painted and installed.
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