Roush Rear bumper zip ties


Apr 13, 2005
Had some work done on my car and the shop cut the 2 zip ties that hold down the rear bumper and forgot to put them back on. What and where do the zip ties attach the bumper to and are they just regular zip ties or something heavy duty?
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Just get some heavy duty zip ties at your local auto parts or hardware store, they are nothing special, mine are hooked to the straps that hold up the gas tank, but I'm sure you can put them wherever they seem to fit, you should be able to see where the old ones were.

Hey, the last time i checked Saleen was still buying them from the company i work for, Wurth. Im pretty sure they still are I can try and get ahold of the Rep who was servicing Saleen. These were what they were using

The only problem is that Wurth dosent sell to individuals. If you need help getting them send me an e-mail at [email protected]

Thanks a lot for the offer. I needed them in a hurry this weekend , so i just got some locally. If they dont hold, i'll let you know. Thanks