Rear diff fluid change

I've searched for details on changing the rear diff fluid and haven't found a post on that topic.

Can someone point me to a link, or share some help? I'm cool with the removal, cleaning, and re-install the diff cover, but can't feel/see the fill plug.

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Ford recommended gear oil 8.8 LSD

In Ford TSB 06-4-4, Ford has changed the recommended gear oil weight to 75W-140 starting with the 2002 model year. The change was made to reduce LSD chatter during low speed turns.

Previous MY's remain the same (75W-90).

The need for the friction modifier is for ANY rear end with a limited slip feature (LSD) regardless of the year.

Note, the Ford 8.8 is not a fill until it runs out. Fill to 1/4-9/16-in below the bottom of the fill hole.

>>from Ford 2002 service CD
Approximate axle fill capacity 1.66-1.77-liters (3.5-3.75-pints)
6.4-14.3-mm (1/4-9/16-in) below the bottom of the fill hole