Rear End help

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probably the exact same modifications identified in your article, except you would probably need to shorten the rearend, if they don't suggest it already, but I can't really say.

Why do you want to do this swap? If you have an 8 inch rear already in it, they are plenty strong, and MUCH easier to swap gears in. If you don't have an 8 inch already, I would suggest getting one, or even a 9 inch, over the 8.8 that comes in the foxes.
Right now I'm doing a 6 cyl to 8 conversion and was just looking for something I could put in and I was thinking about using an 8.8 posi that is for sale from a guy I know.
If its a fox setup you will need new axles to get the 5 lug and if you shorten the housing you will need new axles anyways. The 8.8 is an easier swap for the 67 and up cars since the axle is about the right length for them. A donor 8.8 is however an EASY way to get posi and there are TONS of parts available for them.
I have a queston on this topic...I actually just scored a free 8.8 out of a fox body. I also have an 8.8 out of a 2001 ranger edge that is basically the same as the explorer, but with drums. the ranger rear has 31 splines and 4.10 trac lok. can I use the short axle off of the ranger and drums, also the gears and trak lock? if so i guess all I need is the other side 31 spline axle? I havent picked up the fox rear yet so I dont have them side by side for comparison, thats why I ask...
I did a Fox swap into my '66 (information for the swap on the webpage in my signature). It's perfect if you want to run SN95 wheels (basically 5.72" back spacing).
As Rusty said, it's an inch wider than stock. So the other option is to narrow it 1" each side, and run stock backspacing.

Nugget68, it depends on which Ranger rear end you have. If it's the right one, the long axle (left side) is the correct length, and definitely the 31 spline trac-lok is a scoring good deal. It will swap straight into the Fox with a set of 31 spline axles. So you *may* just need one new left side Ranger axle to complete the swap.
Good luck to both of you.