Rear Seat Belts

I'm doing a black interior conversion on my 91 hatchback. Anyone know where to find black seat belts for the back seat? Its the over the shoulder type belt.

I also have a set of 89 interior panels so, I think I could switch to the lap belt only. Those are pretty easy to find in black. The safety issue isn't really a concern. I don't plan on carrying back seat passengers.
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Keep an eye on Ebay. Lots of good used fox parts on there. I bought used black door panels and seatbelts from there when I did a black interior conversion on my ex '87 vert. has a very active Classifieds section. Always alot of good stuff there as well.
Honestly...finding 90-93 rear black belts is probably going to be a lot easier to find 79-84 black lap belts.

I know when I did my black interior swap in my '88, i couldn't find any nice 79-84 belts at the time. So i run belt-less (nobody will ever sit back there)