Recommend Clutch Please?

I searched through a few threads, but didn't find much. I have an 01 GT with a 3650 tranny, and I need to replace the clutch and assembly. It has 110k miles and is my daily driver. I dont mind going with the stock setup again, but didn't know if there was anything better for a pretty much stock car. Any thoughts? or, if you can send me to another thread that discusses this I would appreciate it!
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Correct me guys if im wrong...."King Cobra Clutch" little under 200 bucks from summit, I think will fit your setup, I like it when I had my older stang. ALOT better than stock....STILL I MAY BE WRONG
Thanks, but I cant find the King Coba Clutch on Summit. I was looking in the store here, and saw the Stage 1 Spec says it is like the King Cobra. Has anyone used this particular one? I am planning on doing this myself. Thanks again!
The King Cobra clutch they do not make for the 3650, so you can quit looking for that. For SPEC, from what I hear is 50/50, some like and some dont. I have Mcleod and love it. Peddal feel is pretty much like stock, no complaints. Only downside it is a bit more expensive.
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Just put one on my 98 and i love it.

Your 98 has a T3650? Honestly I would think even though clutches from the same manu. would be marketed the same, the clutch will still perform different?

If I'm wrong then I appologize for this post, but I think that the information he's looking for would be from 3650 owners? (I guess reliability as a brand goes would be relevant)
If you are going to stay below 400 rwhp the stock clutch will be fine. If you are interested I have one that I just had taken out and swapped to a spec 3+ when I had my motor built.. It's in great shape with 34k miles on it.