Red interior light?


Nov 1, 2004
I have a red interior light, UNDER my glove box, it is on constantly...I wasnt even aware this light existed until now.....Is this light in all foxes? or is this something someone added to my car? what does it indicate? if anything? thanks....
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My 88 GT vert has lights under the dash on each side (one under the glove box and one kinda under the fuse box door). They came from the factory with no bulbs but I changed that. I put a red sheath around the bulb so you dont see raw bulb light. Do you think someone could have done the same in your car?

Or maybe the glovebox light fell apart and now dangles (and since the pin switch is not pressed in, the light stays on). :shrug:

Good luck.
The two sockets came in Mustangs up til '90 or around there. They didn't come with bulbs in them for some reason from the factory. Maybe the Mercury Capri had them since it was a little more upscale the the Mustang? I really don't know.

They are tied into the interior light. There is one dead center under the glovebox and another to the far left on the driver side right near the kickpanel.

It shouldn't be on constantly, should only come on when the door is open.

Perhaps Ford took it out to save money? I ran the bulbs for a while but didn't like how it lit up the dirt on my carpet at night so i remove them. You figure $3 per bulb x 2 each car x 1 million or so Mustangs would save Ford $6mil!
I kinda wanna know what someone was thinking with the bulb fixture placement on the driver side. You can see the bulb itself on mine when standing outside the door. Hmmm, one word about how lighting like that should be - recessed. :D