Removing performance chip


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May 14, 2007
My friend purchased an '03 GT. It's modded and has a performance chip on the CPU of the car. Mods are a Steeda CAI, Bullitt Intake, JBA shorty headers, stock H pipe that was modified into an X pipe, Magnapack cat back. He wants to remove the chip so he can run 87 again. When removing the chip is that all you have to do? Will the CPU go back to stock? And, should he, with those mods, remove it?
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Good. Thanks.

Do these chips have any value to others? Or are they set to just his car?

Depends on what chip it is.

Most off the shelf chips will work in any car. Custom burned chips however are set to a certain car.

The car should relearn idle over the next 50 starts. It's typical when you reset the batt.