Repairing crack in bumper?


Sep 22, 2005
I have a 2" long crack on my front bumper skin that I would like gone. Do they make a glue that I can melt it together with? I'm not sure of the bumper's material, but it's the yellow stuff.
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Any good body guy can fix that. It can be plastic welded and then w/ the right filler and paint you will never be able to tell. I just had the rear bumper fixed on my 96 (wife backed into a boat trailer) for 125$ w/ paint, and looks great.
I've redneck repaired mine. Where it split I took a piece of aluminum 1" strap and drilled the bumper and strap and riveted on both sides of the crack. I recessed where the head of the rivet goes by drilling a tapper on the hole with a bigger bit. Then I filled the remaining crack and over the head of the rivets smoothed them and painted. Its rigging but I didn't want it to keep spliting. A pro could do better but not cheaper.
Look into Lord fusor, and also 3M automix two part flexible repair. We used to use it in the shop instead of plastic welding. I personally used the Automix to repair my 80 Cobra's lower valence after a trailer loading accident that ripped it in half. has been together for 4 years now and nobody knows it was damaged, and it's even black!

Just clean/mix per the directions and it works great!
If its plastic, use a soldering iron to melt a notch in the split, then use some zip ties as filler material and melt them in and smooth it out. Works great! Ive welded the motor support for the electric fan on my jeep this way also a trim piece on an escalade seat, even the mount for the air cleaner on my wifes 98 gt.
you should be able to find the 3m two part flexible plastic repair at any auto body or paint shop. what you want to do is use a very small drill and drill a small hole at each end of the crack then take a dremel tool and grind the crack so it is in a V shape on both sides of the bumper then there is a mesh material you can buy or i think even a parts sore sells a small amount of the two part repair with the mesh peices. but you mix the epoxy together on a separate piece of material then apply the mesh to back of bumper with epoxy and then use just the epoxy on the front let dry sand then paint and your good. If you are worried about what material your bumper is is probably pp but there is an ISO code on the back of bumper somewhere that will tell you and from there you can choose the correct repair material. Repair and Refinishing Procedures.pdf

SEM 68422 Bumper Repair -
SEM Bumper Repair - 68422
Price: ~$10

Youtube - 3M Flexible Plastic Repair - Method Comparisons

68422 SEM BUMPER REPAIR - Google Search

flexible plastic repair - Google Search
drill 1/8 in holes one on each side of the crack use zip ties to bring the bumper back into the correct shape then use 2 part plastic repair (fusor extreme plastic repair #143 small tube or # 142 large tube) and mesh on the back side of the cover right over the top of the zip ties(be sure to use an 80 grit sand paper to rough up the surface before puting th zipties in)once it dries use a d.a. sander 80 grit and remove the zip ties sand the repaired area smooth first 80 grit then 150 grit and you should only need a small amount of glaze to fill in the imperfections. two or three coats of primer use 400 grit to sand that wax and grease remover and paint.