Replace a single spark plug wire?


10 Year Member
Oct 13, 2009
Los Angeles
One of my spark plug wires came into contact with the headers and got burned through, and now my car idles rough and wreaks of gasoline even more than before!

Anyway, I have 7 good wires. Should I just try to find one more ford racing blue 9mm wire and replace it or is it just a good idea to get a fresh set? Came on the car when I bought it and they've been on there for who knows how long.

I guess the question is: is it a good idea to replace just one? And what are my chances of finding someone to sell me just one??? X_x
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So I went ahead and ordered them from cjponyparts along with some lug nuts since I was missing one.

It's kind of funny how us Mustang guys get all excited over a simple order like that, because I can't wait for the package to get here...or is it just me?