replacing the clutch on my 01 bullit

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yeah, get a shallow socket 13mm bolt, a universal joint (or swivel if you have one), and about 2 extensions (use the 12" extensions, work best), and un bolt the transmission from the trans mount, and remove the trans mount (and crossmember too). let the transmission hang from the back, that way you have a little extra room for those 2 top bolts. make sure those 2 top bolts are the first you remove, and go ahead and remove them. then work your way down, one at a time.
Use 13mm flex socket.

+1 on above.

However, I have found that a 13 mm "flex" socket offers slightly more clearance and slightly better holding power than a socket with a U-joint.

Basically a flex socket is a combined socket and U-joint in one package.

In my case, found that slightly loosing the motor mounts allowed the motor to hang down just a little bit more. Be sure to support the motor with a screw jack after the transmission is removed.