Interior and Upholstery Report on Recaro Seats with Wedge Brackets (lowered version)


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Mar 23, 2018
San Diego, CA
Hello fellow members,

Just thought I'd share my findings for any future members. I made a post over on corral a while ago and since I am not going back over there ever again, I thought I should make a new post here.

I bought a set of Recaro seats after realizing that the Corbeau GTSII seats sit way too high in my 93 Mustang GT. The Recaro seats I got did not have the proper seat tracks for my mustang so after consulting with a few guys (Thank you Mustang 5L5 for your extensive input on my thread at corral forums), I opted to go with Wedge base with their sliders. They informed me that they also make lowered version which I found to be very intriguing due to the fact that I am worried I will not fit well under the non adjustable steering wheel I have in my car. I am 6'0" tall.

Track mounting height per Wedge's customer service:
Base without sliders: 1.5" tall
Lowered version Base with Sliders: 2.5" tall
Standard version Base with Sliders: 3.25"

I ordered the lowered version and got it in today. It looked awesome, however, I am sad to report that we cannot run the lowered version on a fox with stock transmission tunnel. The seat and sliders will hit the tunnel not allowing the seat to be centered in its position. I have contacted Wedge and they were apologetic and offered to send me standard sliders. Hopefully I wont have to eat the return shipping cost due to their misinformation.

Since i have been waiting forever to get the correct tracks and I am leaving cross country to CA in just 2 weeks, I decided to drill holes into one of my recaros so I can mount up the fox brackets. Surprisingly it felt pretty good! tad bit too tall but it was a day and night difference driving the car with this seat. I had the loaner seats from a buddy so thats why I went ahead and did the drivers seat with fox tracks for now until I get the correct brackets that will work in my car.

See below for some pics of the bracket in comparison to the recaros slider without any base so you can see Wedge's seat bracket is dang low. I suspect the standard Wedge base-slider with the Recaro SE is going to be the perfect combo for me.


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Wow. That bracket really is damn low. When I installed my planted bases, I did have to take a grinder to the inside flange on the pass bracket to clear the trans tunnel slightly. Actually, it wasn't the tunnel that needed clearing, but the wiring harness under the carpet for the 93 premium stereo amp under the seat. Just needed to take about 1/4" of material off the edge.

Seat looks good in the car. You are right it's a total night and day difference. Very comfortable
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Strange I have the wedge brackets as well, didn’t know about any lowered versions. Wedge is pretty detailed, I ordered and it was a whole process of specifics. I was like wtf!! They only told me about two options the regular bracket or the type that I also have one of and you also have pictured with the tabs to allow some height/tilt adjustment. I ended up not getting the tab versions. My passenger side fit pretty good, I noticed my drivers side did slightly bump the trans tunnel. Mine is a 91 so idk how much of a difference there is as compared to the 93s. I sat my LSB and my pair of LSCs in the car and they fit good. Now I just gotta wait a few weeks until my seats are reupholstered.