Reverse Glow Gauge Inserts


May 10, 2007
Phx, AZ
Has anybody bought or seen the reverse glow gauge inserts from American Muscle?

I have been designing and making my own custom gauge faces, and I have been looking at electroluminescent glow panels (el glow panels) to backlight the gauge faces that I am making. It looks like it will cost at least $60 for just the el glow panels.

Well.. American Muscle has a great deal on their reverse glow gauge inserts right now, only $20.

So I am wondering if I buy these, will I be able to remove their gauge faces from the backlighting? Then I can use the inexpensive and already cut to shape el glow backlighting with the gauge faces that I am making?

Also, what color light is the panel itself. I am hoping it is white, and I think it is, otherwise the red bits probably wouldn't look right if they are illuminated with a blue/green backlight.
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Mar 16, 2009
Springfield, MO
There is a second picture there on the product description that shows what they look like in the daylight. They are white with blue and red. 'Merica Gauges! Not sure about the disassembly of the gauge faces. I guess if you are dead set on making your own gauges then you might just need to drop the 20 bucks and see what you get.