Roller tip vs stock rocker arm

Has anyone seen dyno proven results of horsepower increase by adding roller tip rockers? I have a set from comp cams that are driving me crazy. The annoying tick never goes away, regardless of lash. My machinist suggested cast aluminum valve covers, versus the stock steel, to dampen sound. I am looking at cast solid rockers from PAW, 79.00.
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I had to go to a tad bit longer pushrod to lessen the sound. It's still there but thats just nature of the beast. either get used to it or put your stock ones back on. they do increase HP but as too how much I'm not totally sure I'm guessing 5-10.
I'd be surprised at any gain from roller tipped (not full rollers) rockers. The gain from full rollers is mostly due to the frictional loss in the trunion over the ball or sled fulcrums. And with such a small increase from roller tipped to full rollers, the tipped ones are really a waste of money. If you watch a stock rocker thru it's full travel on the valve stem (turning the crank by hand) you'll see there's not much resistence there. The tip somewhat rolls across the stem face.
There really isn't much of a gain with roller or roller tip rockers unless your motor has some serious friction issues to begin with. I like them for the "not so FREE' HP but I would imagine at higher RPM is where they might have some added benifit.
If by "stability" you mean less deflection, I certainly agree. They become more and more attractive as lift and spring pressure increase. On a mild flat tappet cam with soft springs, there probably isn't much of a gain anywhere.
they add valvetrain stability and reduce valve tip wear, both of which are important when you get to high lift cams and higher rpm. Any added hp is considered a bonus to me.

You are right on the money there. They aren't very expensive, and if you were already going to replace the stockers it's nice peace of mind. But, don't do it for a performance gain, you'll be dissapointed.