S/C accessory belt problem


Apr 10, 2005
I've tried and tried and can't seem to get this belt on. I'm trying the belt they sent with the s-trim kit, but as far as I can tell it's just a hair too short. It is only about 40 degrees outside and I figure that maybe if I tried to heat it up with a blow dryer or something that would give me that extra little bit, but I don't want my tensioner maxed out either. What should I do?




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Problem solved. I had to, or at least thought I did, purchase a new belt tensioner. My friend picked that up the other day and I put it on the car. Well, it turns out that the aftermarket belt tensioner doesn't turn as far as the stock one does. I hammered out the stripped hole on the stocker and made a different socket fit in it so I could turn it. It was tight, but it went on without too much of a hitch. I guess that means the best time to strip out your tensioner isn't when your putting on a S/C and have a new unstretched belt to use :rolleyes: