Seat belt buckle

Turkey Sammich

I can't fap normal. I cracked a rib, then my ankle
Jul 12, 2006
Anyone know of place that will just sell the individual buckle that it secures to? Instead of having to buy the whole seat belt set? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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if i see one around 300 bucks i just buy them neve know what your going to need in a pinch when your building cars. its always the little fing things you cant find that bind your project up
Who needs a belt sammich? You have been shot at for years now, safety shouldn't be a concern :p

It's not a concern. I just don't want the ticket :shrug:

Anyhow, I appreciate all the offers, however, I was aiming more to buy it. I'll keep checking online and if I can't find it I'll hit the junkyard when I get home. I guess the issue is that when you strap in and try to click the belt in, it doesn't lock it down. It just slides it out. So, I figure I'll replace that part of the buckle and it should be good as new. :shrug: