Seats installed. A few questions...

The Green GT

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Jan 8, 2006
Well firs toff I want to know what the hell Ford uses to attach the brackets to the sliders. It took me like an hour to drill them off with a huge drill press and some awesome bits.

I got the passenger side working fine, but on the drivers side, I decided to use the stock electric sliders. I fixed them. Turns out the motor wasn't burnt. One of the sliders was actually locked up. So I worked it loose, then I ended up having to disconnect it so it slid freely because something was broken and it wouldn't turn. But it still works fine.

Now the question(s) of the day.

My drivers seat sits very high. I don't like it. How can I make it sit lower? Manual sliders?

And the passenger seat actually touches the door panel a little and you can hear it rubbing over bumps and stuff. Anyone know how to fix that?

Thanks. Ill get you guys some pics later. they are comfortable as hell btw.
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maybe if you elongated (sp?) the holes on the mount, pushed the passenger's seat inward a little, then tightened it all back up?

I was thinking about that, but i think we had it moved over as much as we could. Now I did use the sliders that came with the seats on the passenger side and just used the brackets from the stock sliders and bolted and welded them on. Im guessing that has something to do with it.