Service Engine light. With H-pipe


New Member
Jun 10, 2004
Ft. Worth Tx
I put a Mac h-pipe on last night and today the service engine light came on. I had to replace one o2 sensor with a Bosch O2 for the for passenger side cause the one wouldn't come out of the stock pipe. They didn't have any 04 o2 so I got one for a 03. Is the a difference in the o2's from 03 to 04. This is also making the Mil eliminator on that side read bad to, Do I need to get a Ford o2 to see it that the problem or can it be the Mil eliminator on that side making them read bad?
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i changed out my cats and x pipe a few time and reseted my ecu a few times when the check engine light came on. now i put my x pipe back on and my check engine light doesn't come on anymore. dont know y, just thought u guys might wanna know.