Shakes when I brake (NOT ROTORS... well maybe)

Today right after I put on my American Thunder Flows :banana: , i installed new rotors to get rid of the shake i have when i brake (usually from higher speeds > 20mph). So i figured that would fix the problem right? WRONG, it has the same exact, maybe a little worse shake. :bang:

Is it possible that the rotors I bought were also warped (They were cheap rotors- ~$20 each)??? Or is there another problem and if there is, any suggestions???

(This is a shake occuring during braking. Usually starts with a steering wheel shake then gradually moves to the whole car)
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May 12, 2003
what you have is called brake pulsation. It is caused by the brake rotor having high spots or the the rotor being out of true. Since you changed the rotors you did not mention that you changed the pads also. If not change them as well. Other things that cause brake pulsation is wheel bearings causeing the rotor to run out of true "lateral runout". I would first check my wheel bearings. Then have the rotor checked for lateral runout with a dial indicator on the car. If you have a problem then get the rotors turned. Even if you have them turned on a good brake lathe they can still have lateral runout if the lathe they were turned on is not true. Have them turned with an on the car brake lathe. Don't neglect the rears either they can cause the same effect though not as often.
PS. DON'T EVER BUY CHEAP ROTERS!!!! Put your OEM back on. I am sure they are better.
i dunno bout you but i have a CLUNK or a shudder when i brake also, feels like my wheel is moving BACK, but i changed the A-ARM bushings and changed the ball joints.

can it possibly be that i left one side of the SWAY BAR intact and the other not?

sorry for hijack, dont think its worth a NEW thread on shaking while braking.


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Nov 25, 2002
Brentwood, TN

I got new front ones and pads and my car did the same, shook and pulsated. Little did I know the back ones have such an effect on your whole car. I boght new back rotors and pads and it is perfect. Believe me, it could be the back ones.

And if you are talking about the back ones I'm an idiot! :flag: