Show me your EGR delete plate.

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Cut a[size=-1] Rectangle[/size] drill 2 holes good to go..pretty easy. Or if you can somehow track one down supposedly a 351C fuel pump block off plate works. *shrug* I couldn't find one So I made one.
91LX_5L said:
EGR delete? someone explain please? whats the benifit and whats it do sorry I should know this.
my EGR tube snapped in half when i was installing my cobra intake and it was cheaper to delete then to buy a new tube. havnt noticed any difference in the way the car runs (besides the extra kick the intake added:banana: )
flgants said:
I thought I was the only one NOT to have seen this fabled 351c Fuel Pump Block


you were just looking in the wrong place :D ........try part # mrg-1517 for $6 :nice:

Cobra intake, 4.10's, shift kit, Granatelli MAF, BBK 70mm TB, 14*, BBK adj fpr, 2 chamber flows, BBK O/R H pipe, BBK underdrive pulleys, MSD 6A, Walbro 190 pump, k&n with silencer removed, sub-frame connectors, fan switch mod, 160* tstat , weight reduction
grngt50 said:
you were just looking in the wrong place :D ........try part # mrg-1517 for $6 :nice:

Sweet! I'm going to order one. My egr blockoff I made isnt thick enough I have to use alot of sealant so it works correctly. This will look alot cleaner and work better.