Simple intake question.


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Mar 19, 2006
I've got a basically stock '87 GT, 3:73's, MAF Conversion, MAC Fenderwell, Underdrives, A9P Computer, Off-Road H with Dumps, Smog Delete, A/C Delete, Short Belt, AFPR, probably a few other little things. I've also got a tubular GT-40 upper sitting on the shelf, is it worth getting a ported lower for it from Tmoss and installing as is or is it simply too big and I shouldn't bother until I get a heads and cam package?

Thanks in advance.
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gt40- after intake and heads, IMO exhaust and other inductions like maf and TB are a bigger restriction than the cam. the stock camshaft is even a great mild forced induction cam for a turbo or blower setup running around 350-400 wheel horse.
I say put it on if you have it, it's not the difficult. I say port the lower it after you get new H/C/I. If you don't plan on getting a new H/C/I set up in the near future i wouldn't worry about it.
umm... is it a stock lower intake? if so, and if you plan on changing heads soon, then i'd port it, but like said, if you have no real plans of doing a head swap then leave it as is, but you're not gonna get much from a gt40 upper with a stock lower
I don't have any lower right now, well I have the stock lower that's on the car. My plan was to purchase a GT40 lower and have TMoss port it, that plan has since changed to purchasing a GT40 lower and installing it as is and getting some porting done after heads and cam somewhere down the road.