slip yoke travel


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Mar 22, 2000
latham ny
not trying to beat a dead horse but i am right in the middle of the t-5 swap and the last major hurdle is the driveshaft. i have read the threads here and on another site pertaining to the swap and drive shaft lengths. the measurements i have taken on my car and driveshaft vary by as much as 3/4" to 1" from what i have found in the threads.

so, i am looking for opinions on how much movement should i allow for the slip yoke during suspension travel?

several of the drive shaft sites say to measure with the yoke all the way into the tranny and they will adjust for the movement.

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The rule of thumb is 1 inch out for the yoke.

I'd ask the person who will doing the shortning and re-balancing how they prefer it measured. Or move the yoke out an inch and take the measurements and let the shop know how you measured it.