Sloppy Steering, HELP!


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Sep 30, 2003
I have a 92 coupe, 5 speed, 5.0.

The steering absolutley SUCKS A$$! Seriously, it's like driving 78 Caddy El Dorado.

I keep having to correct the steering when I'am driving(I know alignment) but what pisses me off is that I can move the the steering wheel like 3''s and the car won't change direction. So I can go side to side with the steering wheela nd car is dame direction. I WANT to keep P/S, but I want precise steering. What do I need to change out to get more precise steering. Could it be the sidewall on my tires, they are 245's on a pony rim? I don't think it's this. What can I do?
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I'd get a flaming river quick ratio manual rack w/their solid steering shaft. then make sure all the front suspension parts are in good condition. all while dropping 30+lbs of weight off the front end.
How does the quick ratio compare to the P/S system on the Mustang? I don't like to strain while driving it, it is a street car.

I've driven MANY non p/s cars so I know the work that's involved, except on a stang.
have you actually checked your inner and outer tierods,the steering coupler(mine actually broke and i drove it for a month before i fixed it,didn't realize it was that serious until i tore it apart)or the rack could be bad itself.check those before you go to manual steering as theses car steer decent as long as they are in good shape.
OK. I went over it today, teh rack looks good on tehoutside, can't realy tell if it's bad. I shook the tie rods and they are on there solid. What get's me is my dad had me turn the wheel while the car was off back and forth real quick to see anything. Well it would make a clicking noise every time I turned it one way, left click, right click. It was like it wasn't solid and the joints were lose, so everytime I turned it, click!

Before I drop 250 on a flaming river shaft, would it be better to get a stock Ford shaft or get the flaming river one?

Also, the 'rag' looked to be in good condition, if it's the rubber thing on the shaft, then it's fine, well looked fine.

So, not rack, not tie rods, is it the knuckle shaft thing from fire wall to rack?
yep, rag joint is the 'universal joint' lookin deal on the shaft, between the rack and firewall. really check it for slop. get where you can see it. have your pops turn the wheel slowly, noting how much he can turn it before the bottom of the shaft starts to turn.

for tie rods, grab the tires at 3 and 9 o'clock and push and pull a little, should be no slop. also while doin it, watch the other tire. if one moves and the other does not, that suggests slop in the rods or rack. note: slop in the 3 and 9 oclock test can also be other things (wheel bearings, etc), so be aware of that. but if you have no slop, you are good to go with those components.

good luck.