SLP-LM's VS. Corsa exhaust - A Review


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Jul 22, 2005
A little info that will help put this reveiw in perspective. I am 47 YO and bought the Mustang becuase it looked like to original Mustangs. I always wanted a 67-68 fastback since I was a kid, but when I got to the age I am now (when it is time to buy toys) I didn’t want to mess around with restoration - old car headaches. So when the new Mustang came out it was no brainer to get classic look with turn key operation. Some of you know that I have had the Corsa exhaust on my car since I bought it. I didn’t want something that droned in the cabin, but still sounded good. The Corsa fit that bill. So the following is my take on Corsa VS. SLP LM’s.

Fit & Finish:
The SLP’s are basically a regular exhaust pipe that will then attack to a nice, heavy duty exhaust tip. The clamps supplied are hi quality. The chrome finish is fair. The install is very easy.
The Corsa is a one piece unit. It too is very easy install. The muffler itself looks like it is made out of superior metal than SLP and the Corsa muffler almost shines. The Corsa tips are slightly more slash cut than the SLP’s and the chrome finish looks to be 2 to 3 times better.
Fit: SLP - 7 Corsa - 9
Finish: SLP - 6 Corsa- 9
Build Quality: SLP - 5, Corsa - 10

Sound Outside:
The SLP’s sound outside the car is simply awsome. When you start the car -at idle is sounds deep and about 4 to 5 times louder than stock. Driving around neighborhoods is fine and should not annoy anyone as the sound is a deep rumble. Step on it and it sounds like a 60's Muscle car with Cherry Bombs or Thrush exhaust. It does sound good, it is loud, but still acceptable. The Corsa is a little louder and deeper than stock at start up. Driving it is still a little deep and louder. To the Mustang owner that sees you drive by will “probably” know that you have a different exhaust.But to everone else, they will likely think that it sounds “factory”. However when you stand on the GO pedal the Corsa system screams and sounds more refined and is pretty loud - but not as loud as the SLP.
Loudness at cruise: SLP - 5 Corsa - 2
Loudness at High RPM: SLP - 9.5, Corsa - 7.5
Ability to sound like a 60's big Block: SLP - 8, Corsa - 3
Drone at cruise: SLP - 2, Corsa - 0
Drone while accelerating: SLP - 9, Corsa - 0

Sound Inside:
The SLP at constant speed sounds good and deep. There is some very slight drone at highway speeds. However going thru the gears is kinda obnoxious as there are areas of significant dull drone. The Corsa however does not drone at all. The sound inside the cabin sounds “refined” for a lack of a better word. It almost has an Italian car sound to it.
Inside sound quality: SLP - 1, Corsa - 9
Drone: SLP - 3.75 Corsa - 0

Well this is done with the “butt O meter” ! The SLP does not feel as powerful as the Corsa. The Corsa exhaust “seems” to be much snappier and “seems” to pull harder through the gears. Corsa does claim to add HP, so may it is true. . . . . . But nothing was done to the car ‘cept the exhaust and I drove it for 3 days before this review. With the SLP the cars sounds bold but infact “seems” to be less powerful.
Butt O Meter power: SLP - 2, Corsa - 7

Now which one do “I” like the best? That is a tough choice. The SLP sounds the way a muscle car should. While driving, others can hear that “something is different”. But the sound from inside compared to the Corsa is not too pleasing. The Corsa sounds better to me at WOT as it is a more refined sound. The SLP sounds better when starting the car. The Corsa almost sounds stock. When idleing around - like you would at a car show - again the SLP will get you noticed with a mild, deep rumble that is pleasing. While with the Corsa - people will think it is stock. Now if there is a place you can stomp the throttle, the Corsa will come alive and impress the crown while the SLP might sound a little red-neck-ish. I’ll keep both for for whatever mood I’m in.
Hope this helps someone!

I'd like to try / hear the Mac exhaust as I "think" they may be in between these two and be interesting to try. I have heard they DRONE real bad though and that won't cut it for me.
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Exhaust Review

Nice writeup. Question-are the SLP's the "S" (agressive) type or the PowerFlow (quieter) type. I am thinking of the SLP PowerFlow axelback system (#M31013). I am looking for a nice growl but I don't want cabin drone.
Hey Bill-

Want the best of both worlds? Run what I run, which is the Corsa system with an offroad H pipe. Low tone, noticeably louder than the Corsa system alone, no drone, and sounds awesome! This is by far the best exhaust sound that I've heard on the new body style. I've heard Macs, Flows, Borla (sounds very good.....but DRONE), SLP, and Bassani (which I owned before the Borlas). The Corsa with factory H sounds good, but the offroad H gives it just enough of the "older" muscle sound at low rpm, and at higher rpm the system screams!

Just my $0.02......
I thought of that, but here in VA, we have to have our cars inspected. I don't mind swapping mufflers out as it is EASY, but the H pipe? Isn't that a PITA to do (comparatively speaking)??
I still REALLY like the Corsa's but like the SLP sound at lower speeds and cruise. . . . . .
Not sure which system will get the most "seat time". I kinda have a feeling the SLP's may get "old" if ya know what I mean. But so far I mostly Likey.
With a jack and 4 jackstands, I can remove and replace my offroad H in under an hour. However, reinstalling the factory H does take longer due to the positioning of the cats and how they make accessing the manifold bolts a PITA. I would estimate to remove the offroad and install the factory, about 2 hours.

We don't have inspections here in Indiana........yet.