SLP Loudmouth 1


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Mar 4, 2010
My girlfriend's car{2007 GT 5 spd} has no mods and she wants exhaust for her birthday. So, someone honestly tell me if I just get the axle back will it be too loud or what?
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They roar!!! Loud as a you know what. Too loud is a relative term. I had the SLP and I loved them and I was thinking about putting Boom Tubes on my '11. It is possible that her neighbors may complain when she start up at 6am or might have some problems driving through a hospital zone. In my opinion they are really not that loud at idle, but at 1500 RPM in 2nd gear little ole ladies run for cover, downshift from 3rd to 2nd and car alarms go off under certain conditions. LOL I love that part.
+1 They are loud when you want them to be, but when you are just driving normal they are fine. A nice rumble at idle and loud at startup and WOT. A good choice in my opinion if that is what she wants, loud. A word of caution though, maybe ask her specifically what she wants, listen to sound clips and go see as many GTs in person as you can. That way you don't spend 400$ just to change it a week later and get what she really wanted in the first place :p
I LOVE my SLP LMs. Like everyone has already stated, really loud at start up and WOT, but not when you are just cruising. My wife is not a fan of really loud exhaust at all and she drives the car a good bit and has no problem with it. As Ruffy said, LOUD is a relative term...