Smoked Headlights and Corners on my car


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Mar 14, 2004
How do you guys think smoked headlights and corners would look on my car?
Opinions? :flag:
I think I want to order some.

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10 bucks says you paint them color shift by the end of the first week you have them! And I also vote for the clears on your ride. I bet your car could pull off those one-piece jobs that got posted here recently better then smoked pieces.
My vote would be for the new one peice units as well - but if you want smoked, I'll sell ya my basically brand new ones - so I can buy the one piecers!! (they are perfect condition, and I haven't drive my car for 6 months now....)
Damn Anthony you're killing me! :D Just when I thought I had my mind set and now I see this pic and several other choices. I guess if I wasn't so compulsive at buying stuff I would take the time and shop around. Also I appreciate that ps job it really helped me make up my mind and I don't think I like it the smoked ones on my car that much anymore. I need to learn how to ps stuff! I do however like those one piece lights so thanks for the pics on those to. I had no idea so many options was availiable. :nice:
VIPERn94Five-0 said:
and just to throw out another headlight...what about the black housing headlights from procarparts??


also, procarparts has 4 versions of the 1 piece lights...

black with blue

chrome with blue

chrome clear

black clear

have you been smoking crack lately? all of those one peices are fugly and belong on civics!! you have now made us all dumber, you are awarded no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

BTW keep the clears they look way better, if you can i would make them both match, as it sits now, it looks like the head lights have lines through them and the corners dont.
First of all, in my opinion, dark colored cars look better with the clear (aka Cobra, diamond corners) lights whereas light colored cars look better with the smoked lights. That's just what I think. My car << obviously is black and I've gone through 3 sets of Cobra headlights from 50resto, and 2 sets of diamond clears, and I just had yet another headlight problem. The innermost mounting tab just broke. Cheap junk. I'm honestly considering buying the good ol OEM Cobra headlights from Ford, with my discount I think they were right around $300 for the set, but at least I'll be getting good quality parts.

Personally, I think those one-piece lights (the black/clear in particular) look pretty cool IN THAT PICTURE, however, having never seen those lights actually on a Mustang I would be quite hesitant to order them. Because yes they may well end up making your Mustang look like a Hamster powered Honda or something. Plus when I had an Explorer I went through two pairs of euro clear tail lights from ProCarParts and they both leaked water.

I've just always had very bad experiences with aftermarket lights. I mean I understand they have to make them cheap to sell them cheap, as noone really WANTS to spend $300 or so on a set of headlights, but I'd rather pay more for good quality then have to deal with replacing them every few months.