SN-95 5-lug/4 wheel disk upgrade steering question


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Apr 19, 2007
San Antonio
Well, I'm about 95% complete with upgrading my car to 5-lug/4 wheel disk brakes Thanks to this wonderful article I found here on stangnet ""...I just have one question. My car was really toe-in after I swapped out the front spindles and so I proceeded to crank out my tie-rods. BTW, I have a flaming river manual rack. Well, I ran out of threads! Do I need to replace my tie-rod ends with 95 and newer tie-rod ends or do I need a bump steer kit?


Clay Simmons
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Here's an addendum to my dilemma: I just called flaming river and yes, the tie-rod ends are different - 6" versus 5" (which is what I have on the car now)....45 bucks later and I should have the longer tie rod ends....thanks for your assistance!

From what I have heard (directly from Matt90GT), the SN95 thread is different than the Fox thread, so Fox outer tie rods won't work with SN95 inner tie rods. Good luck getting it together!
I hope I didn't confuse anyone!! I just converted my '89 LX 5.0 from 4-lug to 5 lug a la SN-95 parts (spindles, axles, etc)....I discovered (from Flaming River) that my outer tie rod ends are too short for the '96 spindles I've alread installed. Everything else worked (well, cept for my right front brake hose) and so I ordered longer outer tie-rod ends so they will work with my flaming river manual rack....